Our Clients

Our clients are all over in the middle of Taiwan and southern Taiwan. Mostly are from Cha-yi southern to Ping-Dong northern, Minority are from some other cities like Taipei and Taichung all over Taiwan. We also export our products to other cities worldwide but mostly within southern Asia. Our clients are mostly small business factory, and needs the specific paint materials to the products they produce. We get to know them and study their needs and treat each individual differently based on their requests. We also deal with big corporation clients worldwide. Regardless, we treat them like a part of family & friends rather than simply business only. We provide prompt services to customers, and we're always here for them 24/7 years round. Therefore, our clients get used to being treated specially by us, and they stay business with us forever. This is the way we manage our business relationship with our clients.

We provide the service based on the clients needs

Our clients are in various areas and in any possible fields such as hardware, transportation related and anything around our every day's life supply. Therefore, the paint market is board and has potential to expand within Kin Yan. Throughout the high living standard and this modern world, Kin Yan is always developing for the high quality paint and product enhancement to present to our clients. This is the principle of our management strategy.

We develop the new products based on the clients' requests. We work as a team with the clients. This is how we gained our reputation in the market. Our clients like to work with us and we grow with the clients. During these many years, we spend our excellent human resources and always updated the latest equipments to invent the best quality paint products to present to our clients. We treat our clients the best service and our clients trust us. Kin Yan often grow stronger with its clients.

If you need us in any circumstance, please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will provide the best service based on your needs. Thanks and looking forward to serving you one day.

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