We have the most advance machines and use the best materials. Our company has the professional talents in chemistry area, and they are always trying their best to develop the most advanced technique and research for new products. We utilize our talents/materials and never waste the natural resource to produce the highest quality paint to sale locally and worldwide. Kin Yan has high reputation in the field. To contribute our effort to a greener earth, extensive research and development program have been carried out to minimize the adverse environmental impacts generated by the use of paint products.

Taiwan main office
(the global headquarter):

Kin Yan Paint Co. Ltd.
Address: Number 168-50, Hai-Chung Street, Tainan, Taiwan
Tel: 886-62460507(main number)
Fax: 886-6-2458195
Email: sale@kin-yan.com

If you have any questions in regards to sales, please contact the direct operator:
886-6-2460507 Or email: sale@kin-yan.com

The company main representative:

Global chief executive:
Cheng Shih-Shiung

Associate executive:
Huang Li-Hua

Taiwan headquarters sales manager:
Tim Cheng

Email: tim@kin-yan.com


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