Our company proud to present you our trademark: HERO BRAND YU-MEI-PAINT

Initially, we produce the paint for wood related objects only. For instance: violin…and other wood indusial needed paint. Due to many competitors decrease the market price of the products and manufactures gradually are moving to main land China, it causes high supply than demands, and the profit becomes very low. The company can’t afford the loss and begin to develop other diverse paint such as plastic paint. At that particular moment, no one believe paint can spray & last on plastic objects. Kin Yan as it said, it is the first company invents the paint to stay on the plastic goods. Our technicians spend day & night continue researching and analysis the specific paint ingredient and finally has this achievement throughout the decades. We are proud of announcing that Kin Yon is specialized in producing indusial “plastic goods” paint. In today’s market, there are many multimedia objects; i.e. 3C peripherals. Kin Yan has been a main supplier to the market in Taiwan.

We are unique and specialized paint manufacture that includes various products. Please see below for the examples:

Please select below the main 4 categories and click to see our products.

1. Plastic Paint
Paint Specialized Kind: single liquid acrylic paint, double liquid PU paint.
Useful Area: 3C peripherals, home electronics, gym equipments, automobile/ bike parts, helmet, cosmetic packaging, mobile phone surface.

2. Metal Paint
Paint Specialized Kind: Acrylic Paint, Pure Acid Paint.
Useful Area: computer surface, hardware, home electronics, gym equipment

3. Wood Paint
Paint Specialized Kind: foundation paint, surface paint.
Useful Area: furniture, ladder support.

4. Softness Sense Paint
Paint Specialized Kind: fuzzy paint, flexible paint.
Useful Area: laptop, cosmetic packaging, mobile phone surface.

Kin Yan Paint Packaging

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