The company history & development

Kin Yan Paint Co. Ltd. was founded in 1965 under the present name Kin Yan paint store. In 1992, the company was expanded to the bigger organization and named Kin Yan Paint Co. Ltd. The company is specialized in industrial paint manufacturer established in local Tainan, Taiwan R.O.C. Kin Yan serves all the clients to match their needs and has the excellent reputation locally. We continue to develop several products in paints market. In today ever-changing high technology demands, our priority goal is to satisfy the needs of our various industry clients.

Our Mission

Honesty, High-Tech, Quality & Service.

During three decade, Kin Yan paint has gained its reputation in the market of specializing plastic-paints in southern Taiwan. It is also known as an unique small company specialized technique in the paints industry. We cater different requests from our clients and serve them individually. We provide appreciate suggestion towards their needs. Our sales specialties & technicians always investigate what the current trends & market are, and yet our internal office staffs always try our best to provide the right service to our clients anytime they need us.

In Kin Yan Paint Co., we are a traditional small firm and yet our clients trust us in the long term because we treat them like a part of our family.

We welcome our clients provide any ideas and concepts, and we'll develop the new products accordingly. We're more than happy to serve them and take the opportunity as a challenge as we grow stronger & bigger.

We are positive and aggressively looking for opportunity to serve the market's needs. Before clients come to us, we will find them and visit them. Therefore, we can provide our clients for their demands adequately and effectively, and Kin Yan Paint can absolutely compete with all competitors.

We serve our clients from beginning to the end with Kin Yan whole staffs in order to provide the best service to the clients' request. From product development, production, quality, environmental care, to delivery efficiently and after sales maintenance, we believe we contribute the whole staffs effort to serve our clients the very best. It is the prime importance to the company.

Product Maintenance and development

During the years the company devoted itself to a continuous program of improved paint manufacturing technology. We devoted to the quality maintenance and products development to meet with the ever-changing customer demands.

Management Goal

1.  Endeavor to product innovation and improvement as well as production enhancement in order to catch the markets fast-pace needs.
2.  Through locally and worldwide expansion activities, we improve our staffs skills & purchase the best equipments to became the world's leading indusial paint manufacturers.
3.  Using the new corporate concept and enhance the latest technology to defeat our competitors.

We sincerely thank you for the long-term support and we grow with you through the past 30 years. We strongly believe in our company principal that is Finest Quality Best Service. We are looking forward to serving you with our best service.

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